Urban Decay Ammo Palette

  I recently placed an order for the Urban Decay Ammo Palette on the Sephora website. The palette was on sale for more than half off! I got it for only $16.00. I suspected that they might be selling them to make room for new products. I went to look at the site today and noticed that they are no longer selling the palette.  I am still left wondering if there is a new palette coming out. One can only hope!  The colors are beautiful and last all day, just as you would expect with Urban Decay products. I am so happy I ordered this before it sold out. If you are still wanting to purchase it for yourself you can find it on the Urban Decay website, where it is also on sale for $16.00. My guess is that once they're gone, they're gone.

Red Brick Candle, LOFT No. 1

  I love using candles in my home. Lately I have been using a lot of food scented candles. I love when my home smells like yummy baked goods without going through the hassle of actually baking anything...mostly because I can't bake to save my life. Recently I got the chance to review the Loft No. 1 candle from Red Brick Candles on Amazon, and it quickly became my new favorite candle.

  The Loft No. 1 candle from Red Brick Candles is a deliciously vanilla and maple scented candle. It is generously scented, as soon as I opened the package I could smell the candle. When lit, it quickly filled my entire apartment with its yummy fragrance.

 The Loft No. 1 candle is made from 10oz of  hand poured premium quality soy based wax. It is recommended that when you first burn your candle, you burn it for a minimum of 3 hours in order to prevent the dreaded candle "tunneling".  The candle has a burn time of 80 hours. I have burned this candle for about 15 hours a week since I got it in late January and it's still only half gone and still smells as great as it first did.

 Avaliable on amazon, this candle costs $28.00. I think that is a great price for a candle of this quality.  From the packaging to candle itself, you can tell that Red Brick Candles really pays attention to every detail. A pack of matches is also included with your purchase.

  Your purchase helps to make a difference, through their Light Up The World campaign. Ten percent   of all purchases goes to revitalization and community development initiatives in local communities. You can also buy with confidence knowing that if you are unsatisfied with the candle for any reason you can receive a full refund for your purchase, you don't even have to return the original! There are also special purchasing deals. You can save 10% each on Qualifying items offered by Red Brick Candle when you purchase 2 or more.

TLDR Quick Facts:
Vanilla Maple scent.
10oz soy based wax.

**I received the product mentioned above for free in exchange for my honest experiences and feedback.**


Java Factory 40 Cup Variety Pack Review and Giveaway!

Over the last few months I feel like I have become obsessed with coffee. I never really used to like it, but that was before I discovered Iced Coffee. Now, I drink it multiple times a week, when in previous years I'd only drink it a couple times a year. I recently got to try another variety 40 cup K-Cup pack from the Java Factory. These coffees are comparable with all K-Cup brewers, except the new Keurig 2.0. Most people will drink these coffees hot, but I prefer mine ice cold.
The Java Factory coffees are made from 100% Fresh Roasted Arabica coffee, ensuring the best flavor possible. Their new filter system delivers more taste per cup. Each flavor is fresh and bold. I like that I can taste the difference with each flavor, sometimes variety packs all end up tasting the same. 

The Java Factory Variety Pack comes  packed 40 cups, distributed across with six flavors. My favorite flavor is Vanilla Dream. Vanilla Dream is a mix of Vanilla and Butter Toffee Flavor in one delivious cup of coffee. I love the flavor so much that I did not even need to add any creamer. A little sugar and some ice cubes were all I needed. Other flavors in the box include Wakey Wakey, a light roast that is good with breakfast, Da Bomb, which contains DOUBLE the amount of caffeine, Smooth Caffeinator, which is a nice medium roast, the dark roast Dark and Handsome, and a chocolaty-coconutty blend called Choconut.

I really love the variety of flavors in this variety pack. There is something for everyone. This is a great box to keep on hand if you have a lot of guests over. I like to share mine with my friends, sometimes I even include them in little care packages that I send out. I really like that I did not have to add much creamer to some flavors in this box, and with others I did not need to add any!

I received a 40 cup box. This box is sold for $22.77 on Amazon. Also available for purchase is a 24 cup box that is sold for $15.50, and an 80 cup box that is sold for $33.17. You can also purchase boxes of each individual flavors in the same cup options, for roughly the same price.

Here are some more detailed descriptions for each flavor, provided by the Java Factory's amazon page:

Wakey Wakey - Light Roast
Even if you’re not a morning person, a cup of this coffee makes the wee hours—dare we say—enjoyable. Perfect for waking up your taste buds, this roast packs a bright, crisp taste without the slightest hint of bitterness. Our light roasts is delicious and subtle blend that delivers floral, crisp tones paired with full bodied texture. 
Da Bomb - Extra Bold Double Caffeinated
Yes, this coffee comes with a warning label. Exploding with flavor and with double the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee, this extra-bold brew will leave you buzzing. Unless you plan on pulling an all-nighter, this brew is best for your morning rush. This extra-bold, dark roast coffee contains double the amount of caffeine found in a regular 8 oz single serve cup of coffee.
Smooth Caffeinator - Medium Roast
When we set out to create a coffee that could win anyone over, we came up with this one. Bold yet mild, full bodied and mellow, not too weak and not too strong—if we gave this flavor profile to an online matchmaker, we’d score a lot of coffee dates. A good medium-roast coffee should be robust yet mellow, bold and full bodied, and at the same time silky smooth. We captured the perfect balance for a rich, even flavor in the Java factory Roasters medium coffee.
Vanilla Dream - Vanilla + Butter Toffee Flavored Coffee
Who said that vanilla was boring? Infused with smooth vanilla flavor and the tongue-tantalizing taste of butter toffee, this dreamy brew offers vanilla’s naysayers a much-needed reality check. Slip into the sublime with this gently flavored light roast.
Dark and Handsome - Dark Roast
One mug of this velvety, bold coffee and the rich aroma, sultry smoky notes, and oh-so-smooth flavor will have you humming your favorite slow jam. To achieve the perfect dark roast, the dark and handsome beans are removed from the roaster right before they reach their peak roasting point so they retain their mellow smokiness without any of the burnt aftertaste.
Choconut - Chocolate + Coconut Flavored Coffee
Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, apple pie and ice cream — some things were just made to go together. That’s why we’ve blended chocolate, coconut, and coffee into one decadent combination. Whether you’re nuts about chocolate or crazy for coconut, these luscious flavors will satisfy your cravings.

Java Factory 40 Cup Variety Pack
Enter to win a free Java Factory 40 K-Cup variety pack of your own!  This is open to US residents who are 18 years or older. Void where prohibited. Enter using the gleam form above. You must follow instructions on each entry that you do. You do not have to do all of the entries, just the ones you want. Once the giveaway has ended a winner will be emailed, and will have 24 hours to email me back with the requested information, unless they have provided mailing info in the giveaway form. Good Luck!

I received the products mentioned above for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sound off in the comments: How do you drink your coffee? What is your favorite flavor? Which do you like better: Starbucks or Dunkin'?


Gurin Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

The Gurin Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is a great way to refreshen your home without the harsh chemicals that a lot of air fresheners have, while also providing moisture into the air. I use this as a small humidifier next to my bed at night, with a lavender essential oil to help me fall asleep.

This product features:
  • 6 color LED lights (Red, Blue, Green high/low) create a soothing effect with their soft colors
  • Timer - 180 minutes, 120 minutes, 60 minutes, 30 minutes
  • Gurin ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser with 2.4 million ultrasonic vibrations per second
  • No heating or burning means the properties of the oil are not broken down.
  • Low energy use.
I set this up within minutes of it being delivered. My absolute favorite feature is the auto-timer. I like that I can just "set it and forget it". You just choose how long you want it to run for, then it shuts off after that time has passed. I like that the mist that comes out is not hot, it will not burn your skin. The oil that this comes with does smell pleasant. I enjoy the different light settings, I like having mine set to the dim blue color. 

The product is extremely easy to use. The buttons on the back are self explanatory. There is one for lighting and one for the timer. I like that I can run the light without the mist if I wanted some "mood lighting" without the scented mist. You can also run this with just the mist. Thus far I have had no issues with the product. This product does come with a customer service guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with this product for any reason, you can return it for a full refund!

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  Posted above is the review I left on the Amazon for this product. To learn more about this product or to purchase one for yourself you can check out the Amazon product page for this device.

Amazon Product Description:
   Gurin ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser with 2.4 million ultrasonic vibrations per second is a aromatherapy diffuser system that also ionizes essential oil molecules into the air using a heat-free diffusion method, while enhancing an oil biological effects, ideal for improving the atmosphere of any home or work space.


Create Fabulous Curls with the Kiss InstaWave

I have been straightening my hair for years. I got my first straightener when I was probably 13, and have always had one since. I do straighten my hair every single day, or I used to...until I got my Kiss Instawave automatic curling iron in November. This device is probably the my most favorite hair styling device that I have EVER used. I have a lot of trouble curling my own hair with a regular clip curling iron. With the normal curling iron that I own, it would take me about an hour to do my hair. That is in no way practical for me so I typically only curled my hair about once a year. With the Kiss Instawave it takes me about 5-10 minutes to do my hair. I have only used my hair straightener 4 or 5 times since I received the Instawave. It creates beautiful curls in just seconds. A full head of hair, for me at least, only takes 5-10 minutes.

The Kiss Instawave is a fully automatic clips curler that creates tangle free curls. The device consists of a short barrel that is long enough to wrap even long hair around. There are four prongs that sort of "comb: your hair while they wrap your hair around the barrel. There is a 5th prong that is closer to the barrel that you place your hair either on top of or under of, depending on the way you want your curl to go. Once you place your hair, you press the "left" or "right" arrow button, these directions are the way your hair will curl. It is easy to use with any hand, at just about any angle. I am able to do the back of my head with such ease. There is an automatic shut-off timer that will turn the device off after 90 minutes. I love that it has this feature, as I only feel comfortable using devices that have an automatic shut off timer. I am so forgetful and usually forget to turn off my devices at least once a week.

Here is a quick video of me showing how to use it:
A video posted by Gabby Lynn Reviews������ (@gabbylynnreviews) on

The Instawave creates many different types of curls, depending on how long you leave your hair wrapped around it and the temperature you use. I like bouncy curls, so I typically use the curler for about 10-15 seconds on the higher of the two  temperature settings, which is 420 degrees fahrenheit.I like to alternate the direction of the curl for each curl, to create a more natural look.

I have seen many other types of automatic curlers, but they all looked so terrifying. Many of them suck your hair up into a chamber, where it can get stuck and often burns. I like that there is no champers for this.. Your hair is not stuck to anything, and remains tangle free. Since I received the product, I have had no problems with the device at all. I get so many compliments every day on my new hair style. A cowoker of mine loved how it makes my hair look so much that she went out and got one for her daughter. My twin also went out and bought one after seeing my results. The kiss Instawave can be purchased at Target for $59.99 or at Ulta for the same price.

For a more thorough "how to" video, you can check out the one created by Kiss. This is the video I used to learn how to use the device:

I received the product mentioned in this post for free, in exchange for my honest feed back. To learn more about this product you can visit the Kiss Instawave website. This is a product that I honestly recommend to anyone who has trouble curling their hair with a normal curling iron. I feel fabulous when I use this curler. It leaves me looking great and feeling great. 


Syono Orthotics Gel Insoles and Shoe Insoles for Men and Women

Working in retail really takes a toll on my body. Working long shifts often leaves my knees and feet in a lot of pain. Over the pst few years I decide that I should probably use orotpedic shoe insoles, it has really helped out a lot. I am always on the lookout for the best type of insole to use in certain types of shoes, as I do not always wear the same shoe. I have found that the Syono Orthotics Gel Insoles and Shoe Inserts for Men and Women is great for use in my leather boots.

The Syono Orthotics Gel Insoles and Shoe Inserts for Men and Women provide some extra cushioning and support to shoes that might otherwise be lacking in those departments. The added cushion and support help prevent or alleviate pain. Adding these to my shoes that I wear to work has really made a difference. I received a pair in women size 9-12. When cut to the correct size, they fit perfectly in my size 9 shoes. I found that these insoles were very easy to trim down. 

I planned on discussing the materials that are used to make these insoles, but I have been unable to find them. The amazon page does not list any materials. To learn more about this product, you can check out the Amazon page for yourself. Currently, they are sold for $18.45

I received the products mentioned above for free in change for an honest review. 


Dead Sea Mud Mask by InstaNatural

It's no secret that I wear a lot of makeup. With the amount of money and time I spend on makeup, you would think that I also had a good skincare routine. The truth is, I don't. When it comes o skin care, I am either clueless or lazy. Probably both. My skin is horrible! I have always had a problem with acne, ever since I was a pre-teen. Now that I am older, most of my acne is on my chin and jawline. It is often painful and hard to cover up. Over the past few months I became interested in facial masks and similar products. I recently got to try the Dead Sea Mud Mask from InstaNatural.

When I was in cosmetology school, we loved giving each other facials. We had all sorts of facial masks to use. My personal favorite masks to use were mint or mud masks. When I had the opportunity to review a mud mask, I jumped at it! I love that mud masks help reduce the amount of oil on my face, without drying my face completely out. This mask is all natural. There are no harsh chemicals or artificial scents added.

The InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask is easy to use. You can use a small spatula or spoon to get the product out of the jar if you are concerned about sanitation, or you can use your hands. The product is ready to use right out of the jar, just apply a small layer to clean skin, wait 10-15 minutes, then wash. I like applying the product before I watch a half hour television show, and typically leave it on the whole time. I wash it off, using circular motions and a Konjac sponge with some warm water. It leaves my face feeling refreshed smooth. A little moisturizer helps moisturize my skin, then I am all done. I like that it is easy to remove. You do not have to scrub harshly, which could cause skin irritations. For best results, use once a week.

Freshly Applied:

The look and texture of my skin has improved since I have started using this. I notice that I don't have as much acne as I normally do. My skin is smoother and I have fewer blackheads. I always feel clean and refreshed when I use this. I think that applying masks are fun, for some reason it reminds me of being a teenager hanging out with my friends.
Half an Hour Later:
Pure Dead Sea Mud, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Calendula Oil, Hickory Bark Extract

To learn more about this product, or to purchase it yourself you can visit the InstaNatural website. This product is currently being sold for $25.77. I feel that this is a fair price for the size of the jar. A little goes a long way. This jar will last me for months, possibly even a year. 

**I received the product mentioned above for free. All options and experiences are my own.**


Stay smell free with Tuna Squish!

Okay, so every time I tell people that I like canned tuna, I get funny looks. When I was in college I would have cans or punches of tuna in my bag to snack on with some Ritz crackers during my breaks.  I would usually use a little mayo and Italian dressing from the school food court, so I wasn't eating just plain old dry tuna on crackers. I Like buying the tuna pouches better because there is usually no juice that needs to be drained, so it is quick and mess free to make. While the pouches are more convenient for me, they are more expensive. Almost a dollar more than the same size serving in a can. When I am at home I use canned tuna for this reason, but I still hate getting the juice on my hands. Tuna Squish has created a product that solves this age old problem.

The Tuna Squish is a hand held device, that you place your opened can of tuna in, before you drain it. To use, simply run your can through a can opener, place the can in the tuna squish, with the top of the mouth on the top of the can, then squeeze over your sink (or garbage...or wherever you drain your tuna...I'm not judging). When you have drained all the juice you can remove the can, the lid stays attached to the mouth of the Tuna Squish via a magnet. To release, squeeze the release trigger, over your garbage can. You can then spoon out the tuna from the can, then get rid of the can. No need to touch any juices!

*video found on the Tuna Squish website*

I just knew that I needed something like this in my home, mainly because of how darn cute it is. I thought that even if I wasn't going to use it, it would be something that would start a conversation with someone. As it turns out, I use it almost every time that I make a can of tuna! It is so easy to use, there is no hassle involved. The Tuna Squish is currently being sold for $9.99. At this price, I would buy them as house warming party gag gifts! They are functional, adorable, and silly! I absolutely love mine.

To learn more, or to purchase one for yourself you can visit the Tuna Squish website. 

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest feedback. Thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

Add Some Color to your Routine with One Direction

Give your look a jolt of color with the new One Direction lips, mascara, and nail polish sets! Each set will give you a shock of color on your hair face or nails that everyone will notice!

Electroglam Mascara: $16.50
This mascara is pretty neat. You can use it in your hair AND on your lashes. This is the first colored mascara I have used that actually shows up on my lashes. Typically, the color is so muted that it just doesn't show up. The color is build able so you can add a little, for just a spot of color, or a lot to really pop. I like using it in my hair for a pop of color.  When it comes to my eyes, I always use black mascara. The color does not rub off onto my clothes, which is a must for hair products and makeup, especially if I am wearing white. I do wish that it dried a bit softer. It dries a little stiff and flakes out when I brush my hair.

Why don’t we go there- Shock of blue
Does he know?- Pinkest hot pink 
Story of my life- Amped canary yellow

UV LiquidLights Glow Gloss: $16.50
I am not a huge fan of lip gloss, in fact I really don't like the stuff, but this lip gloss is seriously awesome. The vivid color goes great on my naked lips, or over a lipstick. This gloss is UV reactive which makes it a must use product for the"Glow" parties at the local night club. Teens who attend events like "Cosmic Bowling" will love it as well. 

Under a black light, the line on my arm is a normal non UV reactive lip gloss, to show a comparison.

Through the Dark- Electric glitter poppy lip gloss that glows to neon red-orange under UV light
Kiss You- Orange glitter rush lip gloss that glows to neon yellow under UV light
Taken - Powerhouse glitter pink lip gloss that glows to neon orange under UV light

UV Rock Me Nail Varnish: $16.50
After trying the nail polish in one of the other 1D sets, I had set my expectations really low for this. Upon trying it, I was pleasantly surprised. This product, while needing more than one coat, went on evenly. The color is vivid, and I did not have a problem with it chipping right away. This nail polish set also comes with matching loose glitter pots for each shade of nail polish. The polish and glitter are both UV creative, I have not had the change to test this under my black light, but will upload photos as soon as I do. 

Nail Varnish: 
Happily– UV iced blue glitter 
Moments- UV neon pink 
Diana- UV 3D holographic 

Glitter Toppings: 
Kicks- UV snow cone blue
Not afraid- UV electrified pink glitter 
Star-- UV holo glitter 

The quality of these kit are much MUCH better than the other One Direction makeup kits that I have tried. The makeup lasts longer, and looks better on. The nail polish does not chip quickly, the mascara does not flake off of my lashes, and the lip gloss stays put. I do recommend these product to anyone who likes to attend parties where there are black lights, or just to anyone looking to add some color to their makeup routine. 

Where to find these kits:
  • Macy's
  • Dillards
  • Boscov's
  • Stage Stores
  • Beauty Brands
  • Lord & Taylor
I received the products mentioned above in exchange for my honest feedback. Thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.